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We Build Websites That Bring You Business

We’ve been building websites for businesses in Baton Rouge and across the country for a long time, and we’ve learned a thing or two. Websites that bring you new business is all that matters. We embed the inbound marketing process into everything we build, so your new website will be built from the ground up with your goals in mind, instead of just looking great.

Your New Website Will Be Optimized to:

Generate Leads & Increase Conversions

We build your website with the end goal of generating new leads and increasing conversion rates. Guide your users where you want them to be!

Perform Well in Search Engine Results

Rank higher in search engine results and get your website in front of customers the moment they’re searching for your products and services.

Deliver a Better User Experience

Show your users the information they need at the right time and achieve higher conversion rates and generate higher quality leads.

Perform Well on Desktop & Mobile Devices

Website speed is crucial to ensuring customers stay on your site.  Whether on a desktop or mobile device, your website will deliver a seamless experience.

We Take a Different Approach to Building Websites

There are two types of web design strategies currently out there: traditional and growth-driven. Both of these processes focus on building a site from the ground up or piece-by-piece. Based on how you want to develop your site, you will need to pick one of these techniques. As a quick overview, tradition and growth-driven web design vary widely.

Traditional Website Design

Traditional web design involves a lot of planning. It’s more centered around making sure everything is ready before launching a site. Traditional web design includes a very detailed pre-production schedule that makes sure all aspects of the site, from UI, navigation, colors, etc., are ready for the public. Traditional is a slower process compared to growth-driven, as it makes sure everything is, essentially, perfect before the public gets to see the site.

Growth Driven Web Design

Growth-driven design is starting small and growing bigger and bigger, adding content when and where it’s needed. Hence, the word growth. Regarding a redesign, this process involves changing the site piece by piece where needed. When it comes to creating a site, growth-driven design starts the website off with something akin to a microsite, making sure all the information is there without building out every page.

As times goes on, new pages and sections of the website are slowly added. Growth-driven design lets you work on the site over time, without having to stall the entire process or wait for everything to be ready for launch. Growth-driven design is particularly useful when it comes to a rebrand, as you can change things throughout without having to shut down the site as a whole or redirect traffic.

Choosing between the two depends largely on what you want, how much time you have, and how you want to approach additional content. Traditional web design is slower but uses that extra time to refine details. Growth-driven web design moves faster but requires upkeep and monitoring to make sure everything is getting added effectively and efficiently.

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