How to Use Social Media Successfully

Social media use is now a staple tool in marketing to resonate with the public. Almost everyone has at least one social media account they check daily. Around 69% of Americans have active social media accounts according to the Pew Research Center. Currently, Facebook is by far the most popular platform with 68% of adults using the platform followed by Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter all under 30% usage by adults. Social Media has become the hub of all information ranging from those mindlessly cute cat videos to breaking news from around the world. It is the place to be to reach the world.

Set Goals

Have a reasonable goal you want to reach during a set timeframe. Don’t set goals that you know are too extreme and unreachable for the timeframe you have set. Your goals shouldn’t be abstract. You need to be able to measure the success of your efforts.

Create a content plan

Do you expect to get attention by posting the same boring text and images to all your social media platforms? You’re wrong if you do. You need to entice your audience with eye-catching images and stories if you want to earn their traffic on your social platforms and website. Share your company story and that helpful tips blog you posted to your website. Let your audience know who you are and they will trust you.

Locate your audience

Figure out which platforms your audience uses and why they use them. Give them the information they want where they are looking for it. You don’t want to share a 40-minute video on Facebook; your audience probably doesn’t have a long enough attention span to watch it because they are focused on consuming the most out of their feed. Find out what works for you and stick to the plan you make based on your audience’s social media habits.


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