Throwing Your Money At New Smartphone Models

Did you buy the new iPhone 8 or are you planning to purchase the newest smartphone model? You should ask yourself why you need that new device. Did you smash or waterlog your old one? Did it just die all of a sudden one day? Or perhaps you lost it, or it got stolen. Every year smartphone companies like Apple and Samsung release a new iPhone or Galaxy that is the same device you already own. Yeah sure, they do make some changes with each new device, but who notices those changes? Not the average consumer. The only way they know something has changed is if a friend brags to them about it or they read it straight from the company’s mouth.

The only thing on Apple’s or Samsung’s minds is raking in the most cash possible and not necessarily shelling out countless dollars to create the next Holy Grail of smartphones. It has become even more prevalent the last few years with Apple releasing plus versions of their devices with the only difference being that it probably won’t fit in your back pocket. I would say Samsung is an even bigger offender. They release a Galaxy S, Galaxy Note, and various other models like their Galaxy J series that are deemed more affordable. Everyone knows that these companies only want your money, but still every year by the hordes, new models are purchased for no other reason than consumers needing to fit in and be like every other mindless drone.

new smartphone model

The New Cool

Save your money and don’t throw it away to Big Brother every chance you get. Be more like me. Keep your phone until it becomes completely useless or at least a good few years before you put down your money for a new baby. I can proudly say that I am still cherishing my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 that I have had the privilege of taking care of for three years. Let’s bring back the culture of invincible cellphones that the 90s had with Nokia.


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