Taylor’s New App Craves Your Attention

Taylor Swift announced the upcoming launch of her new app The Swift Life. Taylor’s new app looks like a mixture of social apps we are already familiar with. It looks like Instagram, Facebook, and Spotify were smushed together strictly for TayTay fans. It’s a great marketing plan to bring more Taylor to her devoted fans. The app will most likely become the go-to place to get your daily TayTay fix because we all have at least one friend that would use the heck out of this app because of their Taylor Swift obsession. The promotional video boasts about the app’s features of posting your pictures and commenting on Taylor’s posts so that she can see everything every fan posts. But we need to be reasonable; how likely is Taylor going to be the one looking at whatever posts are made by fans. She’s a busy superstar and will most likely have some ghostwriters to help her respond to fans and post media on her behalf.

taylor's new app

Must Have More and More Taylor

The promotional video also says that Taylor’s new app will have exclusive stuff like stickers, pictures, and even Taymojis. Any Taylor superfan will be excited for all this unique content that might come from The Swift Life, but once it is released on the app, it will likely end up everywhere else on the internet just like everything else people wanted to keep exclusive. But that is probably the plan anyway, to release it exclusively to blow up everywhere else then attract new users through user promotion.

Taylor’s new app is also going to have a section to listen to music and chat with friends. We all know that in the past Taylor has had issues with allowing her music to be available by subscription services like Spotify because of royalty payments. So, it surprised me to find out that she plans on having music streaming on her app. But then again it is her app, not some third-party company. I am extremely curious to see how this new social media experience will play out once the app is released.


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