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Connect With Your Audience On Social Media

Social media has become a staple in marketing when it comes to resonating with audiences. Currently, Facebook is by far the most popular platform with 68% of adults using the platform followed by Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter all under 30% usage by adults. There is not a single strategy for all social platforms. Each platform provides a different function for users, which in turn means a different strategy for each platform. What works today may not work tomorrow. TAG stays up to date on the newest trends and behaviors on social platforms so that you don’t have to.

TAG’s Experienced Facebook Consultants

1. Understand the ins and outs of Facebook Advertising
2. Stay up-to-date on Facebook’s latest platform changes
3. Know how to unlock your business’s potential on Facebook

Here’s how TAG can help you

Set goals.

We will help you determine goals that are within reach of the scope of your campaign timeline and measurable.

Content that Connects.

That entices your audience with eye-catching photos and stories that drive traffic on your social media and website.

Locate your audience.

Figure out which platforms your audience uses and why. Give them the information they want where they are looking for it.

Build Relationships.

We set the stage to give you the opportunity to connect, engage, and build deeper and more meaningful relationships with customers and leads.

Growing your business with Facebook advertising

How to advertise for Facebook in 2018

An Optimal Campaign

TAG believes an optimal Facebook advertising budget should be focused not only on lead generation but also on brand image and the relationship with potential and current customers. We believe at least a $2,000 monthly budget will ensure the success of implementing a well-developed Facebook Ad campaign.

Check out some of our client’s success:

828,661 Reach
65,086 Link Clicks
1,586,502 Impression

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