Should You Hire an Agency or In-House PPC Expert?

PPC is hard to understand and execute for those new to the field. Large or small, your company probably needs a PPC expert to assist in your PPC campaign. Many companies are just now beginning to understand they need someone to help with their PPC efforts and will either hire an in-house specialist or outsource their needs to a PPC agency.

Outsourced PPC Agency

When working with an agency, you need to be transparent with the experts managing your campaigns. The agency will need to become extremely familiar with your company and the kinds of services or products you sell, which could take some time to happen. You will also need to understand and communicate everything your company is looking to achieve through your PPC campaigns. For this relationship to work, you will need to be in constant communication with the agency for regular check-ins and phone calls. You will need to stay up to date with their progress and answer any questions they have.

By outsourcing to an agency full of PPC experts, you will more than likely have a team managing your PPC campaign instead of just one person. However, the team working with your company is more than likely working on several other accounts limiting the time the team has allotted to focusing on your campaign. Your company will have to take this into account when communicating with the agency because you won’t be their only clients.

Benefits to In-House

In-house PPC experts have the added benefit of focusing solely on your company’s PPC campaigns. As they are strictly employees of your company, they will play a huge part in creating your campaign goals and will understand all the minute details. Audience targeting becomes a more focused and streamlined process if your PPC expert has inside company knowledge and easy access to other members of your marketing team.

Because of little to no waiting times, your company’s strategy execution will be very flexible. If something occurs that results in a last-minute change to the bidding strategy, your in-house PPC expert will be able to jump straight on board with the change.

PPC expert

Cost Comparison

For any company, the cost is the most crucial deciding factor when it comes to choosing what path your company should take. Whether you own a large or small business, ROI is key in decision making because no one enjoys wasting money.

PPC agencies will cost you a pretty penny and are geared more toward companies with budgets at or above PPC budgets of $10,000. A large business with a bigger budget would do well to outsource PPC work. It especially can be beneficial when there already is an in-house PPC expert but has too large of a workload. The in-house expert can delegate some of their workloads to the agency’s team.

If you have a smaller business, an in-house PPC expert will most likely be the most cost-efficient route to take. Payscale shows the average salary for PPC managers around $49,739 or about $4,145 a month. This option can be more cost-effective because the PPC expert will know everything about your company and will have all their time dedicated to your company’s work and they will cost less than most PPC agencies.

Weigh Your Options

When deciding on how to proceed with your PPC campaigning effort, take a moment to weigh your cost versus commitment. Either an in-house PPC expert or a PPC agency will benefit your company; it is just a matter of your company’s situation.


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