Scale Your Facebook Campaign Without Wasting Your Budget

You might be wasting your Facebook Ad budget and not even realize it. If you have an ad that’s doing very well and pulling in leads, putting more money behind it may not be the best idea. We’re not saying this is always a misstep, but hear us out: Instinctively, we always want to fuel something that is doing good. For Facebook Ads, this is known as Vertical Scaling. It’s a useful method when it comes to advertising on Facebook, increasing the budget on a post that’s attracting proven leads.

But, as the name implies, you’re moving vertically, which is more of staying on the same path. At certain times, this is okay –  helping you reach more of the same audience – but for brand growth, and to get the most out of your budget, you need to change lanes and find new audiences. This is known as Horizontal Scaling, and it could save you a good chunk of money if you’re committed to Facebook Ads in the long run.

Horizontal Scaling

If you want to successfully grow your campaign to generate leads faster, you should implement what is called Horizontal Scaling. Horizontal Scaling helps you scale your campaign by increasing the number of lead funnels hooking new audiences to your brand.

horizontal scaling

More Audience Profiles

Every good marketing campaign strategy should start with a well-defined lead generation funnel. This funnel is developed once you know your audience, what they care about, and why they should become your customer. One funnel does not always fit the wide range of potential leads you could be getting. One easy example to understand is the difference between slow and fast decision makers. A fast decision maker typically needs little convincing and relationship building to convert. However, a slow decision maker needs to be nurtured, and a relationship of trust must be built before a purchase is made.

horizontal scaling

More Hooks

Those two audiences would need different hooks to attract them to your business. Think of it like a pond full of fish. Different types of bait will give you a better chance of catching different types fish. Not every fish will go after a plastic bait; some will want a worm or other type of insect. Creating new hooks with your new target audience in mind – how do they want to hear what they care about. Get creative with your hooks and look at your brand from various angles. Think about your brand in a new way you have never considered before. You never know you may discover a new audience that could surprise you.

More Efficient

Creating various audience funnels allows you to spend your Facebook advertising budget more efficiently. To be cliché, you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket. A campaign with a single funnel is not a stable one in the long term. With more funnels and more entry points for leads to discover your brand, you will have the opportunity for more ad testing. Come up with multiple versions of an ad to find out which one works best for each specific funnel you have created. The more variety, the more chances you have of hooking that new lead.

Effort = Success

Horizontal Scaling may seem like a lot of work to implement, and it can be. It requires more time, thinking, and understanding to run successful large-scale Facebook Ad campaigns. But in the long run, when it comes to audience growth and lead generation, Horizontal Scaling will help you reach a wider range of people than that one well-but-narrowly-defined-and-highly-budgeted-for lead funnel.



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