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Close More Deals with CRM Software

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is used by millions of companies worldwide. CRM solutions enable sales, marketing and service groups to acquire customers, sell to accounts, and resolve client service requests more efficiently. If coupled with effective sales and service programs, it may also lead to increased revenue. The core application organizes and facilitates access to customer information anywhere you work. CRM solutions have strong workflow tools that allow business managers to reinforce and to automate successful sales, marketing, and service processes. A strong CRM tool with robust data analysis and reporting functionality supports improved decision making company-wide.

TAG will work with companies to find the appropriate CRM tool and help them take advantage of improved sales performance and management along with the following:

  • Increased salesperson productivity
  • Increased sales management productivity
  • Decreased cost of customer acquisition
  • Increased revenues (increased profits on revenues)
  • Decreased administrative overhead
  • Reduced employee training costs

Popular CRM tools include:, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Sage SalesLogix, SageCRM, Zoho CRM, and SugarCRM

TAG can assist with finding the best CRM within the budget of your growing organization. Contact us today so we can break it down for you!

Technology Advocate Group is looking to share its valuable knowledge on CRM with businesses that are looking to grow their sales and decrease their costs.

Our CRM Experts Will Help You:

Manage Your Sales Pipeline

Easily view your entire sales funnel in a customized dashboard. Sort out deals won and lost, management contacts and track your performance.

Get to Know Your Prospects

With a customized CRM, see beyond names and job titles with detailed interaction timelines.  No more spam filled inboxes and confusing spreadsheets.

Automatically Log Sales Activity

Keep track of all customer interactions automatically across email, social and calls.  Capture and record every interaction as it happens.

Manage Leads & Close More Deals

Get detailed sales forecasts on any device.  Know what actions to take and when automatically capture data and get instant insights on your leads.

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