The Perks of Not Being Number 1

Our marketing agency – Tech Advocate Group – isn’t the biggest in Baton Rouge. No, we don’t have a massive workforce – there’s only about 10 of us, counting me (and not counting office dogs). We can do a lot of things, but we can’t do ALL the things. We don’t have a large presence at LSU, thousands of Twitter followers or Facebook likes. We are not the most known agency in Baton Rouge, but that’s okay.

This is our biggest competitive advantage.

No, there is not that many of us working here… However, that doesn’t slow us down. We can’t afford to slow down. Each one of us has to do the work of three people because, if we don’t, we’ll disappear. There is no break in communication among our team – no hoops to jump through or committees to argue over what is and isn’t “okay.” There can’t be. It’s just us, most of which work in the same room. We don’t have someone here who knows how to do 3D work, but we’ll try. And, since we are not the biggest or most known, we will (we have to) try harder. We need to keep moving, pushing ourselves to do more and to do it better.

We can’t afford to not work harder or more efficiently than other agencies.

The biggest benefit of not being number 1 is not being comfortable. To an extent, comfort builds complacency, and that is the true killer of creativity. We aren’t the biggest agency with the most diverse skill set, but we’re willing to try anything. We’re willing to fail over and over again until we succeed. Hour by hour, minute to minute – we’re continually working to be better than we were the day before. While others take a break, we work twice as hard.

We don’t stop. We put our hearts into every project because every project is another opportunity to prove ourselves. And we must continually work to prove ourselves. We can’t afford not to…

Because we are not number 1.


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