Netflix Hates Us

Netflix announced today that it is increasing the price of its memberships. The lowest plan will go up to $1, and the highest subscription will increase by $2. Good news: they don’t hate us.

After you look at the numbers and fully grasp the content and value Netflix provides, you’ll realize this price jump isn’t that big of a deal. Netflix has garnered such a large and dedicated following; they could’ve honestly increased it more. When given the option not to watch Netflix or pay a dollar or two more a month, the choice is obvious.

There will be people out there who throw up their arms and huff and puff (getting flustered about something new seems to be a reoccurring theme in our blogs). However, those people need to calm down. Personally, I’ve never been going through Netflix saying to myself, “there aren’t enough things for me to watch.” In fact, I often look at ‘my list’ on Netflix (where you can save shows and movies to watch) and think, “I will probably die of old age before I finish all these shows.”

Point being – this price increase is justified. At least it isn’t anything similar to that weird Qwikster thing.


What are the alternatives? HBO, Hulu, Amazon… Redbox instant? These services are excellent, but it was Netflix that paved the way for streaming services to become so prevalent. Netflix became so popular and successful that they started producing in-house shows and movies.

This increase will be in the news. People will complain. People will not complain. Regardless of what happens, the price increase will fade away into the annals of history because, well, it’s okay. This jump isn’t the first time they’ve increased prices, and it won’t be the last. Also, think about it this way: the more money you pay, the higher budget Netflix has for their original series and movies. In a few weeks, this will be a thing of the past, right next to any memory of the fact that you can still order DVDs in the mail.


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