Let Strangers In Your Home with Amazon Key

Amazon has rolled out their new delivery service called Amazon Key that lets strangers into your home. No one likes not finding packages off your doorstep. If you decide to use the service, you won’t have to deal with those package snatchers when ordering from Amazon. You won’t have to set package boobytraps filled with dog poo or fireworks any longer.

Exclusive and Pricey

According to Amazon you just need to purchase a $250 Amazon Key In-Home Kit and be a Prime member to enjoy the service. Oh did I mention you have to live in certain cities to be eligible? Right now the service is available in just under 40 cities. So even if you think this is a great idea, who knows how long it will take Amazon to make the service available in your city. And honestly, you have to be ordering a lot of stuff on Amazon to want to spend $250 on a new deadbolt and security camera.

amazon key

It Seems Secure

The Amazon Key is supposed to be a super secure way to allow strangers into your home. Amazon claims that when the delivery is authorized your door is unlocked. Your cloud-based security camera will record the delivery until the door is relocked. The service provides an app that allows you to view the delivery live or after the fact. The camera and video feed are to deter your new visitor from doing things like destroying your home or stealing your belongings.

I’m Not Sure But I Love It

For someone who lives in an area prone to package theft, this is the best thing ever. I’m still a little on the fence about letting strangers into my house, but I am all for keeping my packages from being stolen. It is also a huge convenience for people that are at work all day and are never at home when the delivery happens. I know this is being said by a lot of people right now but it is starting to feel like Amazon is taking over our lives, but everyone seems completely fine with it, and so do I.


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