How the Pandemic Affects Marketing

We have seen businesses take detrimental hits during the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). As ways of shopping and consuming information have adapted to the pandemic, business and marketing models have had to alter themselves to fit the changing patterns as well.


Marketing During the Coronavirus

To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, people have been encouraged to remain at home and indoors. This has, in turn, led to a swift increase in time and money spent online. Many businesses have had to shift to meet these digital needs by moving their retail from brick-and-mortar to online shops. Those that have primarily existed offline have adapted to survive the changing market. 

This presents the question of whether or not a business should make these changes short-term or long-term as we cannot predict whether the business industry will return to the way it was prior to the pandemic. Companies are finding it necessary to prioritize online business and advertising over event marketing and in-person advertising like billboards and flyers, while digitally-based services like online streaming and food delivery are flourishing in this time of social distancing.


How You Can Adapt

What are the best ways to shift your digital marketing strategies during COVID-19?


  • Optimize your website for mobile use.

With viewers consuming even more digital information than before, it is important that you are keeping your website up to date. Make sure that the information you present to your audience is relevant, and remember that their experience visiting and scrolling through your site is equally as important. Make sure that graphics, forms, and text are all designed to be mobile-friendly, easily digested, and attention-grabbing.


  • Boost your social media presence.

People are spending more time than usual on their daily media scrolling. Utilize your social channels, whether that is Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, or other applicable media services. Keep your community up-to-date with your company, any special product discounts, and any digestible content that can help them find a break from nerves and stress. This not only markets your company’s products and services, but it gives you the opportunity to present your company’s character to the viewer.


  • Keep in touch with your audience through email campaigns.

Much like using a social media channel, updating your audience through a beautifully-designed email can boost your community interaction, drive sales, and collect data from your audience. This is also a great way to capture new leads.


  • Consider moving in-person events to online webinars.

From product launches to educational seminars, interacting with your audience and providing them with valuable content is just as important now as it was before COVID-19. Rather than making your customers brave the outdoors, set up live streams and digital launches. Zoom, Facebook Live, and other streaming services allow you to reach your audience and engage with them without the risk of spreading the virus.

Make sure to promote these digital events through email and Facebook ads prior to the event for the largest engagement possible.


These are just a few ways that you can adapt to the pandemic’s effects on marketing. While COVID-19 won’t be around forever, make sure to have a plan in place to help face the challenges of the digital market until your business and your audience can safely return to pre-pandemic ways of life.


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