How to Make Great Video Ads – 3 Step Process

Video ads are some of the most engaging and successful methods to advertise to consumers. A lot of people prefer to watch a video as opposed to reading just a bit of copy and looking at a still image. Great video ads are more engaging and can reach more people through organic shares than any other creative asset. Your video ads will be shown to your selected Facebook audience who will then share your amazing content with their Facebook friends. There are 3 simple steps you need to take to ensure that your video ads are exceptionally great.

Step 1: Target and Cater To Your Audience

The first step to making any ad, much less a video ad, is to understand your audience. What are their interests? How do they like their content delivered to them?

Know the purpose of your ad. Do you want conversions, traffic, awareness, reach or sales?

Step 2: Produce Great Engaging Content

Once you understand your audience and purpose, the next step is creating the type of content they want. Knowing their needs will help you nail down a list of great content ideas for your videos.

Develop your message with your purpose in mind while delivering it how your audience wants to hear it. Consider your audience’s preferred video length. What is the right copy? What are the best visuals to show your audience?

Always consider using A/B testing because the best answer to these questions might be surprising and subtle.

Step 3: Open Your Imagination to Creativity

The best delivery of ad messages isn’t always the first thing that comes to mind. You will find that something out of the ordinary and creative will oftentimes make better video ads. A great video ad catches your audience’s attention and doesn’t disappoint with its content. Don’t overpromise your content delivery.

Always strive to have unique and eye-catching. Connect with your audience and resonate with their needs. The best strategy is to tell a story. Everyone loves a good story.


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