We are Experiencing a Nostalgia Overload

The world of fashion, movies, and video games has taken a step back in time to the 80s and 90s. The 2010s have been a nostalgia overload. It seems like there is just going to be more throwbacks to come. All the millennials and teens are dressing in fashion their parents donned in their youth. Movie franchises are being remade, and new franchises are popping up based 30 years in the past. When is it going to stop?

The Entertainment Industry is Overwhelmed

The largest movie franchise taking over the theaters and our television screens is Marvel. They have released numerous movies and television series that intertwine to create one massive story. The world is obsessed with these stories that were first developed decades ago in comic books. We just got a remake of Steven King’s IT that terrified generations and will now continue to create new coulrophobes. They are already planning a sequel to it! They remade Baywatch with Zac Efron, and The Rock – couldn’t even make myself watch that one. I found out that Flatliners was a remake; that didn’t surprise me. A Jumanji remake/sequel thing is coming out in December with a video game pretense. Not too thrilled about this one, I loved the old one from 1995 with Robin Williams. I just hope it doesn’t ruin the Jumanji magic for me.

We can’t forget about the phenomenon that is Stranger Things and the hype the second season is rolling in. Netflix jumped right onto the nostalgia bandwagon with their 80s inspired sci-fi horror series.

nostalgia overload

Retro Gaming

Old gaming consoles are being revived with current technology. Smaller and better versions of those old gaming bricks we loved so much are being developed with modern HDMI cables and preloaded classic games. Nintendo released the NES Classic Edition and now the SNES Classic Mini. Full arcade machines are being miniaturized or turned into tabletop systems. They are even making classic games available for download onto new popular consoles and on your computer.

Can’t We Be More Original

Sure, I love some aspects of all this nostalgia madness, but can’t we have a little bit more originality. Yeah, there have been some new original ideas like the movie Her, but that was just plain creepy. We need some more new, fresh ideas. Going as we are this decade will be remembered as the time that stole from the past and created weird stuff.


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