Are E-readers Necessary?

E-readers have become popular within the last 15 years as technology has advanced to what we are familiar with today. But are E-readers even necessary? Readers either love electronic books, or they hate them with an unimaginable passion. E-books, for the most part, can be a cheaper alternative to reading novels and even school textbooks. Companies have been selling these e-reader devices for quite some time now at drastically different price points. You can find some cheap ones around $30 while others like the new Amazon’s new Kindle Oasis are worth $250.

e-readers necessary

They Aren’t

Many of these e-readers boast that the device allows for easy reading as if you were looking at the real paper as opposed to their digital paper. But honestly, it is just another way for companies to take more of your money. At this point where we are with technology, we don’t need a device specifically for reading a book. You are already going to be spending money on purchasing the book. Why waste more of your paycheck on an extra device that has the same functions you could easily get for free by using an app or a program on your phone or computer. Smartphones already have free Kindle and Nook apps and these companies even offer computer programs you can download to your laptop or desktop.

These e-reader devices are also marketed as being more portable than the sensible alternative. The only problem is that your smartphone is more portable than any of these e-reader devices on the market. You are already going to have your phone attached to you at the hip; it’s just going to be a hassle to carry around another brick on your person. Back when these e-readers first became popular, I jumped right on the bandwagon and got myself a Nook from Barnes and Noble. I quickly realized I could just use my phone because I was already carrying it around with me and it fits in my pocket.

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