Consumer Engagement Promotes Consumer Loyalty

Any business model goal is to earn and retain consumers. It’s easy to get one consumer to buy from your once, but how do you promote consumer loyalty. Consumer loyalty can ensure continued sales and a stronger brand presence. With more loyal consumers, the more potential your business has to continue building growing that consumer base.

Become One with Your Brand

Everyone wants to feel like they belong somewhere in the world. The same concept ties into brand loyalty. Consumers are more likely to stay loyal to your business or brand if you make them feel welcome and a member of the family. We all have at least one brand that we stay loyal to. Think about which brands you are loyal to and which ones you aren’t loyal to. If you think about it hard enough, you will realize that you are happy to be loyal to the brand because you have become emotionally invested in their success.

Engagement Nurtures Emotional Attachment

You can ensure the loyalty by giving your potential consumers ways to interact with your brand on a personal level. Take Taco Bell for example. People are obsessed with their food even though it makes most customers’ stomachs gurgle after consumption. But still, they keep coming back. Taco Bell engages with their consumer heavily on social media.

promote consumer loyalty

Right now, they are doing a “taco emoji engine” where they respond to all tweets with a gif if someone tweets them two emojis: a taco emoji and any other emoji. This makes consumers engage with the brand in a fun way that promotes consumer loyalty.

It Doesn’t Have to be Crazy

You don’t have to do anything crazy like Taco Bell to have great consumer engagement. You can do a live Facebook video where you do a Q&A; you can start a social media hashtag campaign that lets consumers share their experience or life story with the brand. Just make them something to do with your company and make them feel welcomed. A happy customer will more than likely become a loyal consumer and maybe even bring in more with their friends and family. A loyal consumer can be your best promoter.


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