Casual Fridays: Watchtower of Turkey

We want to start a new thing on Friday where we share something we enjoy. Casual Friday pieces could be graphics, videos, presentations, infographics, etc.; anything we find interesting. This Friday we have a video from filmmaker Leonardo Dalessandri called, Watchtower of Turkey.

His channel is very exciting, filled with videos that are stunning and beautiful. His use of transitions between shots is something that boggles our minds. His use of time-lapse and digitally-enhanced shots create a style that is unique to only him. Also, how does he even get most of these shots?

In videography, it’s important to have a distinct¬†style so you can stand out. Anyone could’ve¬†gone to Turkey and taken these shots, but his impressive use of shots and transitions and music and so much more, these are the aspects that define his style.

Leonardo proves that, just because you have a nice camera, doesn’t mean you’re a director or a good photographer. The intricacies of videography are vast, as the director and (in this case) editor have to anticipate and plan the flow of the overall film.

Check out his work in the video below, enjoy your Friday, and have a great weekend!

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