Another Nail In the Headphone Jack with Pixel Buds

Google has released their new Pixel Buds, wireless headphones designed to accompany the latest Google Pixel smartphone that has been designed with no headphone jack. Yes, you heard that correctly, NO HEADPHONE JACK. Following in Apple’s questionable footsteps, Google has deemed the headphone jack useless in a means to take more of your money.
Is it an advancement?

Yes, I have previously stated that technology advancement requires companies to piggyback or right out steal ideas from each other mainly. But this is a little much. The world didn’t ask for the headphone jack to be killed off. But really who wants to be forced into using some expensive wireless headphones. What I want to know is why these companies have decided to “advance” headphone technology to the point that you do not have the option of using those cheap $5 headphones you can pick up at a dollar store or the gas station. Oh yea, because they want you to waste $159 on something most people are prone to losing and breaking quickly. I cannot even begin to tell you the number of times that my in-ear headphones have been smashed or lost. I have resorted to using over-the-ear headphones to prevent my clumsy self from destroying my well-spent cash.

Now with these companies deciding to rid the world of wired headphones and their universal jacks, consumers not only have to shell out hundreds of dollars needlessly, but they also must remember to charge their headphones after about 5 hours of use. It’s one thing for someone to choose to subject themselves to the cons of wireless headphones, but for two popular technology companies like Apple and Google to force this upon consumers is just plain evil. I like to think I speak for the majority when I say, “Stop. Just stop this nonsense and make listening to music and watching YouTube videos in public not so complicated.”


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