5 Reasons Why Inbound Marketing is Successful

In the age of modern technology, it can be difficult to launch your company successfully. Inbound is marketing’s answer to success in the digital age. The internet has made it easier for individuals to create and manage businesses successfully by offering many tools and making their content available around the world. Markets are becoming more saturated with influxes of new startups in every market imaginable. No longer are companies tied down to the customers in their immediate vicinity, they now have access to loyal customers on the other side of the globe. Companies no longer even need a physical storefront or office space. Increasingly everything is moving online.

Outbound Marketing Annoys Everyone

When people think of marketing, they always think of what is referred to as outbound marketing. In the old days, companies spent their time blasting their messages to anyone and everyone in the hopes that they would turn a profit. Sales representatives would cold-call you in the middle of the night interrupting your nice home-cooked meal with your family. Marketers would fill your mailbox and email with spam and junk mail after buying your contact information from some telemarketing company. Advertisers would fill your sight with billboards and TV advertisements, as well as, fill your magazines almost entirely with ads leaving only about one-fourth to content. Yes, this method of advertising is still used today and can be successful if implemented correctly. But no one ever really liked outbound marketing methods, so they created ways to work around it. Technology such as caller ID, spam filters, and television recorders have made reaching your audience through these methods harder every year. People go out of their way to avoid seeing or hearing anything that conspires to make them spend their money.

Inbound Marketing is Practically Invisible

The practice of inbound marketing is not as well known to the general public because of its behind-the-scenes intricacies. Inbound marketing works around and with the advancement of technology and new consumer buying habits. The majority of people today spend a lifetime on the internet watching television shows on various sites and buying clothes and even groceries on sites like Amazon. Unlike outbound marketing, you are not actively shoving your message into everyone’s face. To them, your marketing will not exist because they won’t notice you are taking an active role in trying to obtain their business. You are attracting consumers by modest means. You don’t spend your time developing ways to say, “Hey! Hey! Look at me! Come spend your hard-earned cash at my business!” Instead, you attract people to your website with relevant content that your target market is seeking out. Think about what they might be searching for online and create a blog post that answers their questions or a video with information on how to do certain tasks. And give it to them excessively. The more relevant content you produce, the better.

successful inbound marketing

Digital Age Laziness

With inbound marketing, you are taking advantage of the internet and how people currently utilize it. Everyone Googles everything. When someone has a question about mere trivia, translating words, or how to replace their toilet without waterlogging your house they go to Google for answers. With the world’s wealth of knowledge at everyone’s fingertips (literally), Google receives over 40,000 searches every second. Though daunting to some, Google’s search algorithm considers your content when ranking search results so that users find what they need from relevant sources. Typically, internet users do not go further than the first or second page of their search results. By understanding what Google looks for when determining which sites are worthy of first-page search listings you need to be familiar with SEO.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO can significantly improve your chances of appearing at the top of search results. An essential part of SEO is knowing what keywords to use. Using the right keywords with the right audiences will ensure your content views. When publishing any content, you have to keep your target in mind. Put yourself in the place of who your target is. What do they want to know? How do they talk? What do they think? Consider all of this when landing on keywords. Keywords must be used in your content’s title and inside of your content. The best keywords are long-tail keywords that contain around 2-3 words and resonates with your target’s search tendencies. It’s best to use a keyword like “organic makeup palettes” instead of “makeup” because with the shorter version your company will not likely make it to the top of the search results because it will be outplaced by the bigger companies with more market share.

Social Media Booster

Share your content on social media. Companies large and small have to take advantage of the fact that social media runs so many people’s lives right now. You will find people on social sites that range from a middle schooler to your 80-year-old grandma. With such a broad user base it can be easy to disseminate your content to the world. When sharing your content, you will need to make sure that the platform you are using is the right one. Each platform performs differently depending on the audience and content type. You won’t have a very successful social media strategy if you are not considering which platform your audience wants your content presented to them. You will not get many shares or click-throughs because users will not be interested. Meet your audience where they already are. If they are heavy Twitter users, post your content there and interact with them. If they are not heavy Instagram users, don’t spend your time creating a lot of content for that platform.

Trust is Key

If people find your content interesting or helpful you will get clicks and shares that will lead to new visitors to your site who could then become leads. Leads are visitors who have freely given you their contact information in exchange for content like ebooks, tip sheets, or research reports. With their information, you have the opportunity to build their trust in you with exceptional customer service. Eventually, they may become customers and want to share your company with their family or friends because they are confident in your company’s ability.


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